Berpikir untuk meningkatkan visibilitas bisnis Anda di Internet? Melalui Paid channels, SEO, Social media, Digital PR. Kapanpun, Rankpillar selalu siap.

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Landing Page


Advantages of Using Landing Pages in Advertising Products


Product or service promotion facilities


Increasing Conversions to deeper marketing channels


Gained Lead data Customer

Here are 3 working steps to organize our business projects.


Objectively Explaining Landing Page to Rankpillar


Preparation and execution of Landing Page by Rankpillar


Landing Page Results & Publish by Rankpillar

The Benefits of Using Landing Pages

For companies that rely on digital marketing as their advertising strategy, Landing Page is something necessary of increasing visitors to your site in range 55%-120%.

Landing Pages are used for visitors fill their contact information on a site so you can offer regarding promotional information of the products or services you have. It’s works so that the audience doesn’t just browse your site, tetapi mengarahkan mereka untuk mengambil sebuah keputusan (Call to Action).

Why Landing Page?

Landing page is the form of a link found on Google Ads, Social Media, E-mail, and other sources to gain valuable information about potential customers which it can be used as:

1. Promotion facilities, where’s you can offer and shortly explain about information of the most interesting product or services you have.

2. Increasing Conversions, so it will driving visitors into deeper marketing channels. This can show how far a site can influence visitors to make decisions (purchasing, view promo information, subscription, and more)

3. Gained Lead data, it because generally every link of Landing Page will start by asking for personal information (name, e-mail, gender, and more)

How Landing Pages Work in 3 Steps

landing page is a web page devoted for a marketing campaign or advertisement of a product. How it works?

Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar

Everything becomes easier. Now you can use the services of Rankpillar to create a Landing Page. First, you have to explain what your Landing Page objective is to Rankpillar. Tell us what you want to achieve by marketing your products or services through Rankpillar.

Preparation and Execution Handled by Rankpillar

If you have determined the objectives you want to achieve, then Rankpillar can prepare the Landing Page concept and then execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze a few things.

For example choosing the target market for the products or services you want to promote, creating content ideas and interesting captions, through preparing a useful fanpage as the official name of the business you are develove.

The Results

After being executed by Rankpillar, then you can receive the reports of Landing Page regarding the promoted advertisement. We reports it so you can read it so easily. And then you can use and analyze the data to find what is missing from your previous advertised products and services.