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Facebook Ads

Advantages of Advertising on the Facebook Platform with Facebook Ads.


Can Target Audience


Supports All Ads Formats


Can Reach Customers to International Scale

How Facebook Ads Work in 3 Steps


Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar


Facebook has Geographic Radius Setting


Users Target Option

Facebook Ads

The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads in Brand Promotion

Facebook Ads is one of the digital marketing features used to display ads and is intended by Facebook users through Facebook. The presence of ads on Facebook Ads is generally located in the sidebar or Facebook homepage. There are various kinds of ads offered by Facebook Ads.

When viewed from the type, there is some advertisement option in the form of images and videos. In Facebook Ads, ads are categorized based on their purpose, such as getting leads, impressions, traffic, etc.

The reason why Facebook Ads are in demand by many businesses is that Facebook Ads have targeting features. If you want to place an ad for your brand, you can determine the target audience based on some specific information. Examples include connections, age, gender, location, behavior, and so on.

This platform has a massive number of active users and continues to increase from year to year. Moreover, Facebook also has many advantages that make it a reliable advertising platform for various businesses.

Why Facebook Ads?

It is valid to say that nowadays, almost everyone has at least one Facebook account. Facebook, which used to be just a platform to communicate with other people remotely, can now be used as a place to sell products and services. You must have seen people who offer their products or services on Facebook. Facebook Ads is very effective because you don’t have to spend much money on brand marketing.

Indeed, companies that need to grow rapidly have to try to use Facebook Ads as one of the features to promote the brand companies. By using Facebook Ads, companies can spread advertisements to specific targets based on the companies' needs. These are some of the reasons why you should use Facebook Ads.

  1. Users Specific Targeting

As it has been said previously, Facebook Ads can target who the ad will be shared with. This feature indeed provides benefits for Facebook Ads service users because the branding created will be more targeted. You can share them based on several categories such as age, gender, location, user interests, and so on.

Therefore, before using this feature, A company determines your target audience, what products you want to sell, and your goals of using Facebook Ads. For example, if you love accessories, you are less likely to ignore the accessory ads that appear on the Facebook homepage.

  1. Various Types of Advertising Formats

One of the advantages of using Facebook Ads is that it provides a complete variety of ad formats. Potential users can choose this ad format and adapt it to the branding needs of the product or service they want to promote. You can also include various elements such as video, text, and images.

Along with the development of technology, the ad format in the form of video has become the best and favorite type of ad format that can attract the attention of potential consumers. Besides the video, text, and image format, Facebook Ads also provides carousel, lead, slideshow, collection, and messenger ad formats. By using mu formats to promote your brand, you can increase sales and attract potential customers.

  1. Enable to Reach International Customers

Have you ever thought of promoting your business in a worldwide scale? Or do you want to maximize the promotion in the local market only? To achieve both of these goals, Facebook Ads is the answer you have been searching for.

Facebook Ads has set up settings that users can use to define the reach of promotions categorized by region. You can choose various promotions in several countries if you want your business to be known internationally. You can also set the promo range to only certain cities in the hope of optimizing the market in that city.

How to Use Facebook Ads in Three Steps

Facebook Ads is one of the platforms for advertising products and services that has become one of the most popular public because Facebook has many active users. So, many businesses are using this platform to expand the range of products and services being sold. However, do you know how Facebook Ads work? You can promote your products in Facebook Ads only by following these three steps.

1. Explain the Advertisement Objective with Rankpillar

Rankpillar, a specialist in digital marketing, can help you reach the companies' goals by using Facebook Ads as one of the best marketing features. However, before moving forward to the further steps, you need to follow several stages in advertising. Facebook has divided it into three steps of advertising, including awareness, consideration, and conversion.

You have to follow these steps to make sure your ads can get maximum results. Next, you must explain your advertising objectives to Rankpillar. Let us know what you want to achieve by marketing your product or service through Rankpillar.

2. The Preparation Held by Rankpillar

If you have decided the purpose and the objectives you want to achieve in using Facebook Ads as a digital promotion feature of your company. In that case, Rankpillar can prepare the advertising concept and execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze a few things.

For example, include choosing the target market for the products or services you want to promote, creating content ideas, creating exciting captions, to preparing a helpful fan page as the official name of the business you are developing.

3. The Results

Once Rankpillar has created the ads, you can receive the Facebook Ads report on the ads promoted as a result. You can see it through the Facebook Ads dashboard. Not only that, but you will also get many interactions in different categories.

The report results from Facebook Ads prepared by Rankpillar are complete, including anything needed to achieve your company’s goals. You can process that data and analyze what is missing from previously advertised products and services.