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Google Ads

Advantages of Advertising on Google Platforms with Google Ads.


Google Has a Broad Reach


Geographic Radius Setting


Target Users Right on Target


Flexible Fees with Ad Results Report

Here are 3 working steps to organize our business projects.


Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar


Preparation and execution of Ads is done by Rankpillar


Google Ads Report Results Received Immediately

How It Works?

Google Ads: The Best Option to Promote Products and Services through Online

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform developed by the giant company, Google. At the beginning of its appearance, Google Ads was called as Google AdWords. Now, the name has changed to Google Ads since 2018. However, the services provided remain the same. The ads will pay per click (Cost Per Click), or impression (Cost Per Metric) for each ad served.

If you use the Google Ads tool for online product promotion services, the ads shown will not only appear in Google search results but also in almost all search engine results (Search Engine Results Pages), blogs, YouTube, and Google. Display Network.

Google Ads is a very effective way for various businesses to bring traffic directed to the landing page or website of the services and products to be sold. That way, Google Ads service users will get customers according to their target. To find out more about the advantages of Google Ads, see the review below about the benefits of Google Ads as an advertising platform.

Why Google Ads?

The ads that you put on Google not only appear on the Google search engines, the ads will also appear on the others feature. It’s because the ads displayed will appear in a variety of different media on Google.

Therefore, many people are very comfortable using this tool when marketing their business products and services. There are several benefits of Google Ads, which are why people prefer to use this tool as a medium to sell their products and services.

1. Google has a Wider Range

As you already know, Google is the largest search engines technology company in the world. Almost everyone around the world knows what Google is. Because Google has a significant role in human life globally, we can search for any information through Google.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Google stores many user data in their database. We can use this reach of Google users for marketing products or services to grow. With the help of Google Ads, you can reach new users anywhere and anytime.

2. Google has Geographic Radius Setting

Do you want to market your products digitally based on the geographic radius? Then, Google Ads is the most appropriate tool for you to use. Advertising on Google Ads allows you to set the reach of your ads based on the radius of any geographic area. Google Ads will enable you to place local-scale ads, for example, for a radius that is in a province or within a city. Not only that, but you can also set it for radius coverage of all countries in the world.

3. Users Target Option

Google Ads can make ads that are right on target to reach the goals to be achieved. This is because Google Ads allows users of its advertising services to choose more specific target users. You can customize the target audience who will receive advertisements for the products or services you offer.

4. The Fee Flexibility

The next advantage of Google Ads is that the fees that you must pay are flexible. You can adjust the budget you want to use for advertising because there is no minimum cost requirement in ad placement on Google. Advertising costs from Google Ads will be adjusted according to the budget settings you have set. That way, you can start using Google Ads at a minimum price.

Not only that, but Google Ads also gives users the freedom of its advertising services to subscribing at any time. Unlike other features, you can start and stop using Google Ads services at any time. You only pay when there is an interaction between the user and the ad you have placed.

5. Report Results

After placing an ad in Google Ads, you will also get a report on the results of the advertisements that you have installed. The report results describe the success of the campaigns that have been carried out and what strategies have worked. You can use the report results to restructure your system for the future.

How to Use Google Ads in Three Steps

1. Explains the Brand Objective Specifically to Rankpillar

Before creating an ad, a brand or company will be asked by Google to determine the goals and results to be achieved. For example, you want to guide your audience to the landing page of your website, which contains the services or products you offer, increase traffic, or you want to direct your audience to an online store.

By creating a clear goal, you will know how to achieve that goal quickly. Try to find out why you should use Google Ads in business marketing.

2. The Preparation Held by Rankpillar

Rankpillar as a digital marketing specialist will help you prepare what you need to do to promote your products on Google Ads and maximize the results. From preparation to ad execution, everything will be done by Rankpillar. Because before running an ad, you have to prepare several things such as keyword research, budget, captions, photos, and videos.

For Google Ads, keywords are the most important thing to be taken care of. The right and relevant keywords will maximize your ad’s result when it enters the Google search engine and even tops Google search results.

3. The Results

By using Rankpillar as a partner to fulfill your digital marketing needs, you will immediately get the advertising campaign reports you to display. That way, it will be easier for you to analyze the results from the existing data.

The Google Ads report results will also provide you with various metrics such as how many people clicked on your ad, how many visitors to your site, and so on.