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Tiktok Ads

Want Ads on Tik-Tok?

A Brand-New Way for Branding in an Efficient Ways


It has millions of users around the world


Easy to be operated


An easy video shared options


In-feed video promotion

How Tik-Tok Ads Ads Work in 3 Steps


Explain the objective wanted to be achieved to Rankpillar


The preparation Ads Handle by Rankpillar


The final result & Report

TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads: A Brand-New Way for Branding in an Efficient Ways

TikTok is a new social media platform that has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. Many TikTok trends are viral and are followed by people from children to adults. Most people follow trends on TikTok, including dance trends, singing trends, and even skincare trends. Through TikTok, it opens up new opportunities for others. One of them is digital marketing advertising.

Referring to this, many brand businesses have started to explore the world of TikTok to promote their products and services. Moreover, TikTok users are dominated by teenagers to millennials.

Besides, TikTok also has various talents, such as dancing, singing, and so on. With the help of well-known TikTok creators, you can promote the product or service you want to sell. A more effective way to promote the product or service you want to advertise on TikTok is to use TikTok Ads.

You can take advantage of the TikTok Ads platform to market your business products or services very efficiently. To use Tiktok Ads is also very easy. Using TikTok Ads allows you to reach many new potential customers quickly.

Why TikTok Ads?

Even though TikTok is known as a social media platform where the users will be able to produce video content in a simple way, in fact, TikTok content is not only filled with dance and singing content.

You can look for TikTok creators who are very creative, such as painters, reviewers the use of skincare, and so on, to help promote the product or service you want to promote. Therefore, this platform is very trendy in the community. Following explanations are some reasons you should use TikTok Ads to promote your products or services on TikTok Ads.

1. It has millions of users around the world

In the midst of its popularity, many people are interested in trying this application as a brand new social media. According to data from Obelo, most TikTok users can spend 52 minutes watching TikTok videos every day.

The length of the video indicates that many people have seen the video on TikTok. Well, this is where you can take advantage of the opportunity to promote your product or service. Use TikTok Ads to place your video ad on the first page.

2. Easy to be operated

You will feel the convenience that you have never felt when creating ad videos on TikTok. Because TikTok has full editing features, with makes Tiktok different from other social media applications.

If you want to create a video ad on Instagram, you have to edit it through another app first and upload it to social media. However, the TikTok application is practical for those who want to make promotional videos because Tiktok has provided various filters and features needed to edit a video.

3. An easy video shared options

Why do most businesses promote their products and services through Tiktok? This is related to the various convenience features offered by this one application. One of the reasons is that TikTok videos are shared more often than any other social media platform nowadays. You must have seen someone upload videos of Tiktok content on various social media, such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and others, didn’t you?

This is one of the advantages of TikTok that it has a video save feature. In addition, TikTok video content has its uniqueness. So that other people like the video and decide to share it on other platforms.

4. In-feed video promotion

This service is one of TikTok’s features that allows you to place ads by inserting them in FYP (For Your Page) as a timeline in the Tiktok application. This method is considered very effective because many people who see it even though the users do not follow the brand’s TikTok account.

Not only that, but you can also get new followers through TikTok. That way, your product will be better known to the broader community.

How to Operate TikTok Ads in Three Steps

Creating an ad on TikTok is very simple. You can do it in just three steps. However, there are a few things you need to pay attention to when creating ads on the TikTok app, regarding the content you want to upload.

To make TikTok content exciting and make users feel happy watching TikTok ad videos you create, you can do this by paying attention to several criteria, such as who the ad is for and what kind of concept will be carried out, and so on. Because in truth, video content is the main attraction of an advertisement on TikTok.

If you have already thought about what kind of video content you want to display, the next step can be to follow the three steps below. Only with these three ways can you get new users and customers for your business.

1. Explain the objective wanted to be achieved to Rankpillar

Rankpillar is a Digital Marketing Agency located in South Jakarta. Rankpillar can support your business promotion activities to be better and optimal and quickly achieve your company goals. Before you use Rankpillar’s services to optimize your ads on TikTok Ads, you must fulfill a few things first.

For example, you should describe the goal you want to achieve from placing your ad on TikTok Ads. For example, you want to build a strong brand image among users, educate customers, bring in traffic, and so on.

2. The preparation held by Rankpillar

By using Rankpillar services, you have saved time in creating ad campaigns on TikTok Ads. Because to create ads on TikTok Ads, there are several things that you need to prepare so that the goals and results are achieved and satisfying.

Ad preparation is usually done to create an advertising concept, calculate the budget spent on advertising, prepare captions, prepare critical visuals, and so on. However, with Rankpillar, the only thing you need to do is only wait, while Rankpillar does what’s best for your brand company.

3. The final result

After running ads for your business, Rankpillar will provide you with regular advertising reports that you can use for review and data analysis as needed.

With these reports, you can troubleshoot problems from users of the products or services you offer. So, you must keep checking the report results of each ad you have placed on TikTok Ads. With Rankpillar, you will immediately get the reports – the data analysis you need, which makes your work more effective and efficient.