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Twitter Ads

The Advantages of Using Twitter Ads: The Best Branding Platform


Easily do the digital market of the products by using Promoted Ads


Get feedback from customers easily


Easily build brand reputation

How Twitter Ads Work in 3 Steps


Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar


The preparation Ads Handle by Rankpillar


The final result & Report

Twitter Ads

The Advantages of Using Twitter Ads: The Best Branding Platform

According to Internet Live Stats data, there are about 500,000,000 tweets uploaded by Twitter users every day. Looking for this great opportunity, so many brands companies use the benefits on Twitter to promote their brand by using the Twitter Ads feature. This method can attract new customers who have never known your business before.

This is why every brand business should be promoted properly. If you have a business, doing promotions online or better known as digital marketing, can be one of the best options to introduce the products or services you offer to the broader community. This is because digital marketing saves time and cuts the budget optimally. Plus, with digital marketing, you can save even more time.

Like other advertising platforms, Twitter Ads is a tool that users can use to create and market ads on Twitter social media. Usually, Twitter will place ads placed by business people on the user’s timeline and marked with a promoted or promoted category.

Indeed many of you have seen content labeled promoted on Twitter, right? Well, that’s how Twitter helps you market the products or services of the business you offer.

So, what makes Twitter Ads even more special? Here’s a review special for you.

Why Twitter Ads?

Hubspot once stated that Twitter Ads are an excellent way for businesses to show tweets to people who haven’t followed the business account before. In other words, you can attract more new users, especially those who are not followers of your account. Later, these new users can be interested in the advertising content that we provide.

Therefore, creating more engaging ad content, whether in the video, image or text formats, will positively impact the brand persona. The goal is for as many users as possible to take action. Especially if the price listed on the ad tends to be cheaper or not too expensive, here are some reasons why you should use Twitter Ads to realize digital marketing for your business.

1. Easily do the digital market of the products by using Promoted Ads

People who use Twitter might know what exactly a trending topic is. In the menu of the Twitter page, there are several lists of what many people are talking about regularly. For example, we can also set trending topics on Twitter, like we only want to see trending topics in Indonesia or worldwide. Using this feature, we can see and analyze what is being discussed by many people worldwide.

Did you know that the advertising process can be done through the Twitter Trending topic option? This method is compelling because many people when opening Twitter often see the page. This option will allow your business to become more recognized by many people. Additionally, If the company being promoted follows the target consumer, it will bring in new followers and incoming orders for the offered products or services.

2. Get feedback from customers easily

If you own a business and decide to use Twitter Ads as a digital marketing feature for your brand, it will be easy to get feedback or input from customers. This feedback is undoubtedly an essential thing to improve the quality of service and your business services. With Twitter, you can quickly get suggestions, criticism, and feedback for the product or business being promoted.

You can also ask questions in tweets that account followers can answer right away. Not only that, you can also take advantage of Twitter’s polling feature to get answers to your preferred questions to customers. By having feedback and criticism provided by customers, you can improve the quality of your business products and services to be more loved and developed in the future.

3. Easily build brand reputation

One of the advantages of using Twitter Ads for marketing campaigns is that it can build the image of both products and businesses. However, you must create exciting and relevant content for the customers’ target to reach the promotional objectives.

How Twitter Ads Work in Three Steps

In creating an advertising campaign through social media, several things must be prepared to maximize promotion. This needs to be done to make users can enjoy the ad content that you create.

Therefore, you must create content that makes many people curious about the product you are advertising. Here’s how Twitter Ads work in 3 steps.

1. Explain the goals want to be achieve

There are several advertising objectives offered in Twitter Ads, such as awareness, consideration, and conversion. To achieve the best results of the digital marketing advertisement, you must choose the type of objective value you want to accomplish in the ad campaigns you run.

You can leave all of that to Rankpillar to optimize the time you need to spend. Rankpillar offers services to execute the ads you want to create, starting from the framework, implementation, data analysis, and so on.

But before you create an ad, you must determine the value of the goals you want to achieve with the Rankpillar team. Are you placing ads to increase reach, video views, engagement, new followers, and so on.

2. The preparation by Rankpillar

Rankpillar can help you prepare your digital marketing strategy to be more efficient and reach your goals efficiently. From many experiences dealing with various well-known brands, Rankpillar can provide satisfaction with the best service, recognized by brands that use Rankpillar’s services.

From preparation to execution of ad campaigns, everything will be done by Rankpillar. The Rankpillar team will create tweets, videos, and photos as needed. That way, your Twitter audience will be more interested in seeing more of the products and services your company has to offer.

3. The Twitter Ads result

Choosing Rankpillar as a partner of your ad campaigns will benefit you by receiving report results from ad campaigns developed by the Rankpillar team. That way, you will be more focused on analyzing, improving, and developing the products you have.

You can view the Twitter Ads report results through the Twitter Ads Manager. In these tools, all data is displayed more structured, neat, and also more organized.