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Youtube Ads

Top Three Reasons Why Brands Need YouTube Ads


YouTube Ads strengthen the personal values of the brand


YouTube Ads provide feedback in a short period of time


YouTube Ads Minimize expenses

How Youtube Ads Ads Work in 3 Steps


Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar


The preparation Ads Handle by Rankpillar


The final result & Report

YouTube Ads

Top Three Reasons Why Brands Need YouTube Ads

As time goes by and the growth of technology is growing rapidly, we all know that one of the keys to the success of a brand lies in the effectiveness of the sustainability of digital marketing, and how brands can take advantage of the available channels in marketing specific products. This effectiveness and success include choosing YouTube Ads as an essential alternative and one of the best digital marketing methods.

What are YouTube Ads Exactly?

What are YouTube Ads? Why it’s essential to use in digital marketing? According to Niagahoster, This term refers to an advertising service on YouTube that allows users to promote their brand products or services. Users use YouTube Ads to maximize the audience’s video content reach based on their needs or achievement plan.

YouTube Ads provides you with a wide selection of ad types, including TrueView ads, Non-skippable instream ads, Bumper instream ads, Sponsored card ads, Overlay ads, and Display ads. Each of these types offers different advantages in advertising your video content. Stay tailored to your brand’s marketing needs.

As a note, the YouTube Ads services can only be used when the users are integrated with Google Ads, as reported by Engaio Digital. This means that the results from advertising the video content can only appear in search engines after Google Ads has been installed.

The Benefits of Using YouTube Ads

From the variety of ad choices, why should you choose YouTube Ads as digital marketing ads? What makes YouTube Ads different from other ads choices? The answer is because it has strengths and advantages that other ads do not have. Not only that, but the intensity of Indonesian people in using the YouTube application also strengthens this argument.

For further details, take a look at the following review about the benefits of using YouTube Ads for your products!

1. YouTube Ads strengthen the personal values of the brand

As can be seen, emphasizing the brand’s personalization in marketing is much more effective and efficient than relying only on conventional marketing. In fact, people are happier and more attached to brands that can fulfill their desires.

That is why you need to use YouTube Ads to satisfy the audiences' desire to see the real action of the brand. It can be done by telling the audiences that your brand can fulfill and suits their needs and wants. Indeed, you have to adjust to the selected ads format based on the sales targets that the company has set from the start.

2. YouTube Ads provide feedback in a short period of time

According to WebFX, YouTube is one of the social media channels with the most extensive user base in the meantime, and it might have more new users as long time goes by. YouTube reaches over 2 billion users per month! This means that your opportunities to make quick profits are wide open.

3. YouTube Ads Minimize expenses

We all in the business world have to admit that the first concern in doing digital marketing of your company’s video content is that it will cost a massive number compared to conventional marketing. The use of digital marketing to promote products or services might even have the potential to harm the company, which means it does not bring any advantages.

Well, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. This is because YouTube Ads have advertising characteristics that are very profitable for your company from a financial point of view. YouTube Ads using PPC advertising method, where you only pay when someone clicks on ad content.

How do YouTube Ads Work?

After knowing some of the benefits of using YouTube Ads, are you more motivated to use them? If so, we, Rankpillar, will provide information regarding easy steps to operate YouTube Ads. Let’s take a look at the steps and how YouTube Ads work!

1. Set the advertising objects

This step is a crucial step you need to do and pay more attention to make sure the results of the ads achieve the marketing goals. This is because without making the plan or goals of the marketing, you only put your company at a high risk of marketing with low or even zero returns. In a logical and simple explanation, you will spend much money without knowing where the success ends. Your company will end up in vain. Indeed you don’t want this to happen with your company.

Therefore, how to determine the purpose of advertising? We got you! The first thing you need to do is decide whether the advertising is aimed at leads, website visitors, product and brand consideration, or brand awareness and reach. Please choose only one and focus on making it easier for your company to analyze the effectiveness of using YouTube Ads.

2. Take actions using YouTube Ads

There are five steps in general in using YouTube Ads. The steps include uploading the video content to YouTube, creating a new campaign in Google Ads, setting up campaign operations, setting a target audience, and selecting the marketing type. Of course, all of these steps can be done by anyone, even beginners.

However, running YouTube Ads is not as easy as you think. There are so many aspects that need to be taken care of. In practice, many obstacles and challenges are not in line with expectations. The identification of these errors requires a great deal of patience and experience. Even beginners need to experiment a lot to figure it out finally.

This is why Rankpillar is here as a YouTube Ads solution for your brand. As one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, we have accompanied the advertising journey of several big brands, such as Pegi Pegi, Pluang,, and many more. Starting from influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and paid marketing.

Just consult with us about the needs and wants of your brand. We will prepare the best YouTube Ads solution, presenting a roadmap with complete iterations at a mutually agreed price. You are optimized for YouTube Ads on your video content!

3. Results Report for YouTube Ads

Your steps don’t stop until the execution of YouTube Ads. The report and evaluation of YouTube Ads advertising results are also what Rankpillar provides. Of course, that way can be done by using the features available in the famous application.

Refers to Google Ads Help, features that help to evaluate the advertising of content video divided into two parts, “Ads data” view and “Organic data” view. The first term refers to the measurement of the effectiveness of video content advertising. The second terms relate to the performance of video content without using YouTube Ads.

These two evaluations surely help you to know the effectiveness of using YouTube Ads by comparing the data from the “Ads data” view and the “Organic data” view. The process of these evaluations involves at least three factors, including audience retention performance, video performance & audience interest, and the percentage of viewers & the cost of each video.

To strengthen the results of report analysis, you can also involve a few things for comparing the “Ads data” view with the “Organic data” view, such as the duration of time watched, number of replays, number of impressions by clickthrough rate, and audience demographics.

The more factors involved will higher the accuracy of ads analysis. As a result, you can also set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in more detail and based on target future needs.