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Press Release

Benefit & The function of a press release for Company


Popularize the product


Make marketing strategies more effective


Increase business credibility

How press release work in 3 steps


Brands provide release materials to Rankpillar


Rankpillar paraphrasing by media audiences


Paraphrasing material will be sent to media journalists

A Must-Have Communication Strategy of A Company: Press Release?

How press release work in three steps

A Must-Have Communication Strategy of A Company: Press Release

In various activities, you must have heard the term press release, didn’t you? What does a press release mean? A press release is a tool used to convey information about a company to the public. From this understanding, of course, it can be concluded that the press release has a function as an official announcement from a brand company about its product being introduced to the public.

The purpose of the press release itself is to introduce or announce information, product, and policy through the press and the public to make a product or service closer to the community. Press releases are also known as an effective tool in helping the marketing of a company or business.

This is because the position of the Indonesian state is already in the digital era. So the function of a press release has also changed a lot. Now, journalists from the press and media are receiving press releases, but consumers and customers are also looking for reliable sources of information to buy products.

The function of a press release

This digital promotion service is indeed very widely used by various businesses. If you want to use online marketing services, you can also use press releases so that the wider community knows the product better. Here are some of the functions of a press release.

1. Popularize the product

When a brand company just starting a business, of course, not everyone knows your product. To popularize the products or services, a brand company has to make or create marketing strategies to make the products known by the broader community.

Online promotion does provide many conveniences and is also relatively cheap and will save you more time. You can do this through press releases because, of course, this is an effective way to help the public widely know your product.

2. Make marketing strategies more effective

Press releases are also used as a marketing strategy for businesses. If you want to promote a product, you must have a marketing strategy. If you have a plan to sell products for teenagers, you have to make a press release to be right on target.

In this digital era, marketing strategies must be made more attractive and creative to engage people to buy the products. Therefore, the press release service will make your content becoming more attractive.

3. Increase business credibility

The opportunity has been made to promote the products will undoubtedly increase the level of business credibility as a business that chooses expertise in your respective product sections.

Thus, of course, the public will easily trust every press release displayed in the media because people assume that people in business have broader insights and knowledge because they can produce exciting press release content.

How press release work in three steps

One of the press release services that are ready to help your business grow wider by creating exciting content is Rankpillar. For your press release to be distributed immediately, there are several stages of Rankpillar’s work that you must follow to make sure your marketing target can be achieved, including:

1. Brands provide release materials

Making press releases cannot be arbitrary because there are techniques that must be mastered by both Rankpillar and the brand when making release materials. Because the product comes from a brand, it must be made from materials directed at the outcome. Meanwhile, to make the content more interactive, Rankpillar will create a service.

There are several things that the brand should include in the release material, such as product titles, product advantages, and complete product descriptions. It will be much better if the information provided by the brand already contains elements of 5W+1H. Brands can also add a quote from someone who knows about the product to include in the press release.

Don’t forget to provide detailed contact information. So anyone interested in press releases will know how to contact the brand.

In addition, the brand must also provide information on whether the press release should be published immediately or not. If you want it as soon as possible, then include a “for immediate release” statement. So Rankpillar can adjust the timeline.

2. Rankpillar paraphrasing by media audiences

Once the company or business submits the release material, Rankpillar will paraphrase and adapt it to the media audience. Rankpillar will also make the unique things of the brand’s business more highlighted during the press release later with the aim that the brand focuses on the products it offers to the public.

In addition, Rankpillar will adapt the content of press releases to the target market. For example, if the product is aimed at children, the paraphrase will be more friendly for both mother and children so that it will provide a unique attraction for anyone who glances at this press release. Rankpillar also adjusts its position as a reader so that it can derive value from press release content.

When creating interactive content, Rankpillar emphasizes writing for readers. For example, such as the benefits of the product, whether the product provides benefits to the reader, and why the reader needs the brand of the product. This kind of emphasis will make readers more motivated so that they are interested in buying the brand’s business products.

3. Paraphrasing material will be sent to media journalists

If all the press release content has been designed and created according to the media audience, then the material is sent to journalists. Why should journalists deal with it? Journalists have journalistic skills that can provide more benefits about a company’s information delivery to the public through their knowledge, experience, and abilities.

Moreover, journalists will provide actual content writing, maintain a more organized writing structure, and create content marketing strategies. The credibility of the content material produced by journalists will have a significant impact since press releases made by journalists begin with accurate and actual material.

In addition, the language will also be adapted to journalists, for example, using specific terms. Then the target market is also an important thing that must be considered when writing press release content. Readers will prefer content that does provide information in language that is easy to understand, comprehensible, and credible. Therefore, there is no need to doubt the clarity of the content provided by journalists.

That’s an explanation of the world of press releases, starting from the term meaning, function, to how press releases work, according to Rankpillar. If you have a brand that you want to spread to the public, then don’t be confused because Rankpillar is ready to help you anytime. You can contact Rank Pillar through the official website Rankpillar will make you compelling press release content with experienced journalists.