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Press Conference

The benefits of a press conference for a brand


Direct exposure to an established audience.


The cost is much more affordable.


Build cooperative relationships with PR companies.


It helps a company to build potential new marketing channels.


Reinforce an authentic impression of the company brand.

Here are 3 working steps how to build a press conference?


Prepare a brief explanation


Invite some media journalists


The press conference

Does Press Conference Essential For Brand Products? Find the Answers Here!

Find out everything you need to know and more about press conference.

As a global company in this modern era, you can not only rely on your company’s products and conventional marketing to reach your marketing goals. You might say that selling the products already brings much money and you do not have to communicate the products through advertising in digital marketing. You believe in the quality of your products.

However, one of the essential keys to a successful company also lies in the flow of company communication to potential customers. No matter how great the products are, no one can guarantee that potential customers will know how good and the benefits they will get by using your products. No one can know these potential customers will choose other companies that communicate their products efficiently to the public through press conferences.

To sum up, that is why you and the company must communicate your products to the public with potential customers, using appropriate communication methods based on the company’s needs. One of the communication methods you can use is by holding a press conference.

What is a press conference?

A press conference is a platform for someone to deliver big news by calling reporters in a big forum. From a business perspective, press conferences are usually used to promote products or and services to the public.

The benefits of a press conference for a brand

Why do big brands prefer to use a press conference release rather than using their Public Relations teams to communicate the release of their new products? The reason is quite simple. Press conferences do not force a brand to talk with several reporters to tell their latest products release. The press conference is not that complicated as a press release.

You don’t have to bother with conveying a message to a public audience by holding a press conference. Your announcement will also have maximum impact, by assuming the journalists consider it newsworthy.

Moreover, according to Sales Love Marketing, if it is seen from the business perspective, press conference give a bunch of advantages for company brand products, including:

· Direct exposure to an established audience.

· The cost is much more affordable.

· It has the potential to increase sales.

· Get the benefits of SEO.

· Increase traffic to the company website.

· It has the potential to be shared with many people, which in turn increases sales.

· Build cooperative relationships with PR companies.

· Possibility to get customers back.

· It helps a company to build potential new marketing channels.

· Reinforce an authentic impression of the company brand.

In addition, press conferences also benefit newspapers or broadcasting stations, where they are unlikely to miss the news. It also allows a reduction in the workload for journalists. It’s a relief for the company and the journalists because they don’t have to ask people anymore to be interviewed. They are indirectly increasing the chances of sales increase to the company.

How to hold a press conference?

Some steps need to be taken to hold a press conference. No need to worry! Rankpillar has already made a special summary for you on holding a press conference to release your product.

Prepare a brief explanation

The first thing that needs to be done is prepare a brief for your new products. As a party that requires holding a press conference, it is clear that you need to determine the main message you want to convey to the media and the public.

Your goal may be to explain further to announce a new program/event, react to news and criticism on your business, or get attention to the achievements of your business. Whatever the message, it should be summarized in 3-5 key points that are perfectly clear to the media.

Invite some media journalists

The next step is by inviting media reporters to your company’s press conference. At this stage, ideally, you should create a contact list whose job is as an editor at television stations, including news directors at radio stations and in major newspapers and editors at daily newspapers. Include journalists with whom you have worked.

This will make your work much easier to do if you have had the opportunity to work with media beforehand. If you don’t have any contacts and are confused about where to go, it’s a good idea to try with a team of experienced experts.

This is why we, Rankpillar, offer you our press conference services. As one of Indonesia’s most trusted digital marketing agencies, we have accompanied the communication journey of large numbers, such as Pegipegi, Pluang,, and other big brands have entrusted us.

Just consult your needs and wants with us. We will prepare the best press conferences, from designing, implementing, and realizing press conferences. The only thing you need to do is take a look at our teamwork preparing the press conference for your company!

The press conference

After previous steps have been told already been done, the only thing you can do is ensure the continuity of the press conference. Before that, make sure the company takes the best time to hold the press conference. The great time to grab a press conference refers to these times: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10:00 and 11:00 AM local time.

A small thing yet important, choosing the best place to hold a press conference. A parking space that is not too far away for journalists to travel is the best solution, mainly if it is centered in a visually attractive place with high gravity, such as the capitol building, city court building, and so on.

If so, choose the best people to fill the building as participants in the press conference. A group of people with high credibility and their voices are sure to be heard by the public. You can also invite people from the beneficiary community to voice your company’s message.

You also need to find a moderator who is experienced with the press and the issue. This person is expected to take responsibility well in holding a press conference, and of course, be able to introduce problems and participants. Also, answer the question or direct the answer to the appropriate participant.