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Keyword Research


Advantages of Using Keyword Research in Advertising Products:


Making Search Navigation Easier


Contributing on Content Creation Ideas


Making Work Patterns More Structured

Here are 3 working steps to organize our business projects.


Objectively Explaining SEO to Rankpillar


Preparation and execution of SEO is done by Rankpillar


SEO Report Results Received Immediately

The Benefits of Using Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a research conducted as an SEO optimization strategy. This research is basically an activity of looking for keywords that match the topic of your article or web page, in order to predict what keywords will be typed by the audience on the searching engines.

Keywords should not too far from the content topic, the importance things is on the accuracy of keywords from a website will make it easier and more searched by visitors.

Why Keyword Research?

Keywords are not just a words with the same value, you need to understand how the motives or intentions of search engines are related to keywords (Search Intent). Because there are keywords that many people are looking for but useless, and there’s also keywords that are less searched but have a high value.

The Benefits of Keyword Research:

1. Making Search Navigation Easier, The right keywords will direct the visitors to find the desired page easily. Keyword has its own role to influence the audience to make a decision, because the quality keywords can direct the audience to take buying action.

2. Contributing on Content Creation Ideas, Knowing the trending and most searched keywords will help you to discover an ideas to used for created the next content. When you do your research before creating a content, you will be able to find out what’s patterns will trend in the future or try to set your own trends, it’s will attracted more visitors to your website.

3. Making Work Patterns More Structured, When doing some research, it will help you to set prioritize scale potential keywords. You can determine which keywords are easy and can be completed faster, and which keywords are difficult can be suspend. Then you can compile competitive topics that are easily noticed by search engines.

How Keyword Research Work in 3 Steps

Increasing the number of visitors so that your website is in the top position of search engines is not the main goal in Keyword Research activities. Right on target is the key to using this type of SEO, because everything will be useless if there is no closing on the product or service you offer. And how does it work?

Objectively Explaining Advertising to Rankpillar

Everything becomes easier. Now you can use the services of Rankpillar to plan a Keyword Research. First, you have to explain what your Keyword Research objective is to Rankpillar. Tell us what you want to achieve by marketing your products or services through Rankpillar.

Preparation and Execution Handled by Rankpillar

If you have determined the objectives you want to achieve, then Rankpillar can prepare the Keyword Research concept and then execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze a few things.

For example choosing the target market for the products or services you want to promote, creating content ideas and interesting captions, through preparing a useful fanpage as the official name of the business you are develove.

The Results

After being executed by Rankpillar, then you can receive the reports of Keyword Research regarding the promoted advertisement. We reports it so you can read it so easily. And then you can use and analyze the data to find what is missing from your previous advertised products and services.