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The Benefits of Twitter for Marketing Business:


Website Traffic Increase


Engagement increase


Enlarge Sales Opportunities


Get Feedback


Reach more audience

How Twitter for business work in 3 Steps:


Brief Explaination to Rankpillar


Preparation and Execution by Rankpillar


The Results Report by Rankpillar

Here are the reasons why a brand needs Twitter for marketing a business

How does it work?

Twitter marketing pays attention to and accommodates customer needs with active interactions between businesses and consumers. It’s not unusual for you to be involved in the conversations of strangers on this platform, because sometimes this is how potential customers will start to be interested in the products or services you offer.

What is Twitter?

Twitter marketing can be defined as a strategy to promote business/other activities through Twitter by using the tools or supporting media needed, such as text, images, or videos.

Not only promotions, Twitter also allows you to interact directly with followers, hear criticism or suggestions directly from customers, to follow the latest news that may be needed for your business needs.

The Benefits of Twitter for Marketing Business:

1. increased website traffic

Along with the massive growth of social media, people are becoming increasingly lazy to visit a website. This kind of problem can be solved by using Twitter. Besides being practical, the access is also free, the more tweets you make, the more leads you will get.

2. Increase Engagement

Networking in the business world cannot be ignored because it plays a major role in creating brand awareness. The business that you develop will have a greater chance of growing if it is already known to many people.

3. . Enlarge sales opportunities

As many as 69% of small to medium business sales transactions come from Twitter. Twitter plays a big role for products and services known to many people, supported by the presence of many base accounts that carry their respective niches.

4. Get feedback

Feedback is very necessary to improve the quality of your business product or service. This benefit is offered by Twitter for business people because you can directly hear opinions, input, criticism, suggestions, and expectations from consumers, which in the future can be taken into consideration to develop the quality of your business.

5. Reach more audience

Twitter has billions of active users spread all over the world. The bigger the audience, of course, the higher the chance for a product to be known by many people. The Pew Research Center even revealed findings which stated that around 81% of users (mostly millennials) access Twitter at least once a day.

How Twitter for business work in 3 Steps:

Many business activists have used Twitter to promote their products and services since the beginning of this social media platform. Then, how does it work?

1. Brief Explaination

As someone who needs to implement Twitter for business, it’s clear that you need to determine the main message you want to convey to your followers. Tell us what you want to achieve by marketing your products or services through Rankpillar.

Your goal may be to introduce a new program or product, react to a follower response, or to grab the attention of shoppers. Either way Rankpillar will be happy to share ideas about what kind of Twitter marketing you would like to showcase.

2. Preparation and Execution

If you have determined the objectives you want to achieve, then Rankpillar can prepare the Twitter marketing concept and then execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze the Twitter followers target you want to achieve, create content ideas, create interesting captions up to prepare a useful fanpage as the official name of the business you are developing.

3. The Results

This is why we – Rankpillar – are here to offer you Twitter for business. As one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, you can receive the results of the Twitter marketing reports that we have been working on. You can read the report results from Rankpillar easily, then you can process the data and analyze it as a reference to strengthen strategies for achieving future targets.

Consult with us your needs and desires. We will prepare the best, starting from designing, executing, and monitoring the activities of the services we offer. So you can sit back to this good news!