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The Benefits of Tik-tok for Marketing Business:


Excellence and Creativity Scale


The Advantages of Display and Content Composition


Inclusive & Participatory Community


The Place Where Culture Is Formed


Easy and Simple

How Tik-tok for business work in 3 Steps:


Brief Explaination to Rankpillar


Preparation and Execution by Rankpillar


The Results Report by Rankpillar

Here are the reasons why a brand needs Tik-tok for marketing a business

How does it work?

TikTok has businesses that have a broad target audience so you can feel the results quickly. TikTok has a large listening base and easy-to-use features, this is a new way to help a company introduce a brand or brands in a creative and interesting way.

TikTok businesses have a number of tools for marketing teams to promote their products while interacting with users of the platform. Because a brand is now an important part of society as a trendsetter, connecting communities, or providing awareness of important public service initiatives.

What is Tik-tok Bisnis?

TikTok Business offers easy promotion whose budget can be controlled flexibly according to the target and bidding method you request, the content you share can be monitored in real-time with a wide advertising reach in just minutes.

The Benefits of Tik-tok for Marketing Business:

1. Excellence of Scale and Creativity.

TikTok business is a platform developed for entertainment-based marketers, which in its content can also offer products or services to listeners, and a place for brands to share stories.

2. The Advantages of Display and Content Composition

Businesses can now build a healthy digital marketing environment. There are so many things that can be developed into an idea for a product or service marketing by maximizing the creativity of the parties who are invited to cooperate.

3. Inclusive & Participatory Community

Businesses can really experience the impact of a mock listener campaign. The most notable advantage of TikTok is that listeners can be inspired by a product marketing campaign, so they can be directly involved by creating the same campaign but their own version.

4. The Place Where Culture Is Formed

TikTok is an open platform, where anyone and any brand can be found, there are endless opportunities to learn about what’s happening around the world, which often creates new trends every day.

5. Easy and Simple

Business Tiktok has rich features for the marketing needs of the products and services you offer, this facility is designed to enable rich and immersive storytelling. All information is conveyed easily, videos appear in full screen format and appear authentically so that listeners are comfortable lingering.

How Tik-tok for business work in 3 Steps:

TikTok now provides a platform where businesses can find and partner with innovative content creators in paid campaigns, to drive awareness and track new customers. Then, how does it work?

1. Brief Explaination

As someone who needs to implement TikTok for business, it’s clear that you need to determine the main message you want to convey to your followers. Tell us what you want to achieve by marketing your products or services through Rankpillar.

Your goal may be to introduce a new program or product, react to a follower response, or to grab the attention of shoppers. Either way Rankpillar will be happy to share ideas about what kind of TikTok marketing you would like to showcase.

2. Preparation and Execution

If you have determined the objectives you want to achieve, then Rankpillar can prepare the TikTok marketing concept and then execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze the TikTok followers target you want to achieve, create content ideas, create interesting captions up to prepare a useful fanpage as the official name of the business you are developing.

3. The Results

This is why we – Rankpillar – are here to offer you TikTok for business. As one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, you can receive the results of the Instagram marketing reports that we have been working on. You can read the report results from Rankpillar easily, then you can process the data and analyze it as a reference to strengthen strategies for achieving future targets.

Consult with us your needs and desires. We will prepare the best, starting from designing, executing, and monitoring the activities of the services we offer. So you can sit back to this good news!