Berpikir untuk meningkatkan visibilitas bisnis Anda di Internet? Melalui Paid channels, SEO, Social media, Digital PR. Kapanpun, Rankpillar selalu siap.

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The Benefits of Youtube for Marketing Business:


Introducing Products and Services


Increase Business Credibility


Reach a wider market


Clear Product Demonstration

How Youtube for business work in 3 Steps:


Brief Explaination to Rankpillar


Preparation and Execution by Rankpillar


The Results Report by Rankpillar

Here are the reasons why a brand needs Youtube for marketing a business

How does it work?

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has managed to become the most famous video sharing platform in cyberspace. In fact, YouTube is the second most popular website after Google with more than two billion visits every month.

Many businesses from various sectors have started to use YouTube as a means of promotion, this is reinforced by the prediction by 2022, that as much as 82% of internet traffic will come from video content.

What is Youtube?

YouTube Marketing is a way of promoting a business through YouTube. A YouTube marketing strategy focuses on creating videos that relate to your business.

You can upload the video to a business-only channel that you’ve created. The hope is that your channel viewers/subscribers can become consumers who use your products/services.

The Benefits of Youtube for Marketing Business:

1. Memperkenalkan Produk dan Jasa

Making product videos is a small part of promoting your business. The main purpose of using Youtube social media for promotion is to make it easier for people to know who you are or what your business is.

2. Meningkatkan Kredibilitas Bisnis

Educational videos that contain information about your business including descriptions, production processes, usage tutorials, to customer testimonials can increase the credibility of the products or services you offer. That way, more and more people will be interested in using the products or services of your business.

3. Menjangkau pasar yang lebih luas

Youtube offers a wider market reach, because Youtube is already known to almost all people who use the internet, this means that it will make it easier for you to promote the business you are running.

4. Optimasi SEO

Youtube is the greatest product of the largest Search Engine Optimization in the world, namely Google. Videos that you upload on Youtube will automatically be easier to find, especially if you optimize SEO on Youtube with product descriptions and the right keywords.

5. Demonstrasi Produk yang Jelas

By using Youtube you can demonstrate the product to be marketed. It is enough to make a short, concise and clear video, and show the advantages of your product as attractively as possible with editing techniques that can amaze the audience.

How Youtube for business work in 3 Steps:

The implementation of YouTube Marketing for businesses to get maximum results requires a precise strategy so that your business promotion is successful in the midst of intense competition. Then, how does it work?

1. Brief Explaination

As someone who needs to implement Youtube for business, it’s clear that you need to determine the main message you want to convey to your followers. Tell us what you want to achieve by marketing your products or services through Rankpillar.

Your goal may be to introduce a new program or product, react to a follower response, or to grab the attention of shoppers. Either way Rankpillar will be happy to share ideas about what kind of Youtube marketing you would like to showcase.

2. Preparation and Execution

If you have determined the objectives you want to achieve, then Rankpillar can prepare the Youtube marketing concept and then execute it. But before that, Rankpillar will analyze the Youtube followers target you want to achieve, create content ideas, create interesting captions up to prepare a useful fanpage as the official name of the business you are developing.

3. The Results Report by Rankpillar

This is why we – Rankpillar – are here to offer you Youtube for business. As one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in Indonesia, you can receive the results of the Youtube marketing reports that we have been working on. You can read the report results from Rankpillar easily, then you can process the data and analyze it as a reference to strengthen strategies for achieving future targets.

Consult with us your needs and desires. We will prepare the best, starting from designing, executing, and monitoring the activities of the services we offer. So you can sit back to this good news!