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Performance Marketing

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the digital marketing features used to display ads and is intended by Facebook users through Facebook. The presence of ads on Facebook Ads is generally located in the sidebar or Facebook homepage. There are various kinds of ads offered by Facebook Ads.

  • Can Target Audience
  • Supports All Ads Formats
  • Can Reach Customers to International Scale
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Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform developed by the giant company, Google. At the beginning of its appearance, Google Ads was called as Google AdWords. Now, the name has changed to Google Ads since 2018. However, the services provided remain the same. The ads will pay per click (Cost Per Click), or impression (Cost Per Metric) for each ad served.

  • Google Has a Broad Reach
  • Geographic Radius Setting
  • Target Users Right on Target
  • Flexible Fees with Ad Results Report
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Tiktok Ads

TikTok is a new social media platform that has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. Many TikTok trends are viral and are followed by people from children to adults. Most people follow trends on TikTok, including dance trends, singing trends, and even skincare trends. Through TikTok, it opens up new opportunities for others. One of them is digital marketing advertising.

  • It has millions of users around the world
  • Easy to be operated
  • An easy video shared options
  • In-feed video promotion
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Twitter Ads

According to Internet Live Stats data, there are about 500,000,000 tweets uploaded by Twitter users every day. Looking for this great opportunity, so many brands companies use the benefits on Twitter to promote their brand by using the Twitter Ads feature. This method can attract new customers who have never known your business before.

  • Easily do the digital market of the products by using Promoted Ads
  • Get feedback from customers easily
  • Easily build brand reputation
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Youtube Ads

YouTube Ads provides you with a wide selection of ad types, including TrueView ads, Non-skippable instream ads, Bumper instream ads, Sponsored card ads, Overlay ads, and Display ads. Each of these types offers different advantages in advertising your video content. Stay tailored to your brand’s marketing needs.

  • YouTube Ads strengthen the personal values of the brand
  • YouTube Ads provide feedback in a short period of time
  • YouTube Ads Minimize expenses
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